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Auckland-West Coast


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Auckland’s West Coast rugged black sand beaches are a photographer’s delight - wild & windy with dramatic features.
Many of the landscape photo panoramas in this gallery have been shot on overcast days which actually increases the drama and atmosphere in the photos and ‘Spirits of the Storm’ was photographed from a helicopter which gives a unique bird’s eye view.
Muriwai Beach, Piha, Whatipu & Bethells Beach are all so unique and are some of our favourite places to photograph.


When choosing a landscape photograph, a great way to narrow down the image choice is to :

A) Work out which wall your artwork will be hung on – this will determine if you will choose a narrow panoramic landscape photo or a deeper rectangular landscape photograph. For instance if the artwork will be hung above a piece of furniture or fireplace and you have normal height ceilings you may choose to go with a narrow panoramic sized photo. However if the artwork is to be hung on a blank wall with no furniture underneath you and / or you have high stud height then you may choose a rectangular photo option which is a little deeper in proportion.
B) Does the room have any feature colours or is the room neutral – this will determine if you choose a bright, vibrant landscape photo or a more monochromatic photo.


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