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Please find below many lovely testimonials from happy customers !

'Tui Song' -
This beautiful photo just brings these stunning birds to life, you can just imagine them hopping around the trees singing their unusual but soothing birdsong and bobbing about in flight.  I've always loved this photo and when I ordered one of my own I was not disappointed - it hangs with pride in my house.  Thank you so much Lucy.' Jane Stringer

>>'We have a wonderful picture of yours of Ladies Bay.  What I love about your work is its brightness, its vibrancy, the immediacy of the image and the use of light. And of course the intrinsic kiwi-ness!' John Williamson

>>'The artworks of Lucy G provide a delicate and beautiful glimpse of New Zealand's natural beauty and native birds.  I particularly love the Tui Song triptych and the Pukekos from the Nature series.  Having been born in NZ and returned regularly over the years, these evocative pieces are a reminder of my other home.' Vanessa McBride

>> 'Temptation' - I saw this beautiful artwork at Art Fusions. I think it's one of the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen and have been recommending your work to quite a few people since.  I spoke to you at the show and commented that it was like looking through a window to the Garden of Eden and you laughed and said that was the name of the series in fact. So well done you!  I hope to purchase one if your works in the near future and wish you all the best.' Paula De Moor

>>'What I love most about your work is that you produce such a variety of pieces; each of which is are stunning in it's own way. I also find your photography incredibly powerful - I am lucky enough to have "Mission Bay (Auckland) Colour" in my lounge and every time I look at it I always get this wonderful sense of calm and serenity. Please do keep producing such amazing work - I always love to see your name in my inbox :)' Millie Thomas

>>'I did not realise that some of your pictures are actually photos digitally mastered to look like paintings or the mix of painting & photography.  They are so good & realistic of paintings. I really like this effect & what you have done with them & I like all of your works with this media. I also like the new tui lamps. they look so cool & would be a welcome addition to any bird lovers home or a fan of your work. the tui really comes to life within the lampshade.' Michele Wallis

>>’My favourite piece is definitely the round version of Temptation. It's bursting with colour and texture and just a really beautiful piece.  I could see it on my wall, and I would look at it often.' Peti Morgan

>> 'I just love the depth of your work, the colours are striking and really depicts our NZ flora and fauna as truly stunning.  The dreamscape series with the eerie presence in the half light, especially as free as a bird and when the opportunity comes, will buy this one.' Judy Ann Port

I first saw Lucy’s work at a Home Show many years ago and was impressed with how Lucy managed to capture the beauty of our city, beaches and wildlife so superbly.
I remembered the beauty of these images of pohutukawa trees, our beaches, the Sky Tower when we renovated our office space and were trying to decide what artwork to have on the walls. I suggested we purchase a few of Lucy’s canvases and now I see these every day from my office.
I have a personal love of tuis and recently while renovating my kitchen decided I wanted to make a feature of our splashback. I contacted Lucy and now “Tui Portrait” is the focal point of my kitchen, everyone that comes to visit comments on how spectacular it is.
However I also have to admit that I love the way that Lucy experiments with enhancing her photographs, making them into something more.  
Lucy’s photographs have metamorphosed into true pieces of art with her subtle hand embellishment, digital manipulation and superimposed images until today they are simply quite exquisite.
The round art is her latest work, it combines the beauty of our native birds with their vibrant colours alongside stunning flowers and vegetation creating a fabulous image – definitely worthy of a spot on my wall! '  Jacqui Cammell

>>'Your artwork is amazing, it’s beautiful, inspirational and has so much heart and soul in every piece, my favourite piece at the moment which I would love to own is the "Garden of Eden" series - absolutely gorgeous and would fit into my house perfectly! :-)' Amy

>>'We're delighted with our splashback featuring Lucy's beautiful Tui photograph. It's the key focal point of our kitchen/living area and has certainly provided the "wow factor" we were looking for in our new kitchen. It's been the source of many admiring comments from visitors who have all, without exception, been most impressed with the look we have achieved.' Stephanie Kendall

Lucy’s house call service takes buying home art to the next level. 
Combining her skills as architect and photographer, Lucy will create a solution based on light, colour and space which will see her work displayed effectively and the room space accordingly enhanced.  Her ability to create Photoshop images of the room with the art work in place is really effective, so that you can rehearse several options before making your selection, and even adjust the image hues to your home colour schemes.   It makes buying art work for your home really easy, and at a time that suits you’.   Rob Everall

>>'Lucy went out of her way to help us get the effect that we wanted for our splashback by adapting one of her fabulous photographs to give us a more digital image.  The two splashbacks are the highlight of our kitchen, giving colour to our otherwise neutral kitchen.' Chris Henderson

The hardest part for us was to decide which picture to choose for our splashback as all of Lucy’s photographs are fantastic. Working with Lucy on the print for the splashback was a stress- free experience.' Liz Lyons

>>'Thank you for dropping in the photographs.  They look great in place.  Thank you for the exceptional work.' Mark Denekamp for Springdale Clinic

>> 'I have purchased many photos off Lucy. Okay my favourite, actually they are 6 abstract photo’s printed on plywood 'tahi – rua – toru' Maori series was a present for myself. I love the use of colours, the unique wood and the cultural elements to the photos. My dad has passed away – these artworks and took me back to primary school and him teaching me how to count in Maori. They are hung in the entry way of my home, everyone comments on them and I get great enjoyment looking at them from my dining room, I know I will have them forever as they are more than photos to me - they are pieces of art. Lucy has even allowed me to change my mind on purchases for others which were more suitable. I love watching your new work coming through – I have given several canvas pieces of yours to girlfriends for birthdays and it's fun watching them enjoy your work as much as I do!' Cherie Langlois-Rivers

>> 'I bought 'Whangamata' 1m x 0.3m for myself. I love it because it's my favourite holiday place and it’s the view I look at every day I am there. It’s a very nice picture to remind me every day what I am missing out on. Lucy was very helpful and she even sent me other pics from Whangamata, but nothing as good as the one I finally purchased and she is a very talented and helpful lady !' Mark-Rayner

>> 'I bought the Auckland nightscape, 170cm and the 2 urban ones 1m each (Disillusionment and Infinity) - all works have been for myself. I bought the nightscape due the reflection of the colours. I had been searching for a good night time photo of Auckland and when I saw yours, wow! Still am blown away by it, it was just what I was looking for. On the 2 urban ones, I liked the monochromatic way that you took the shots, the sepia/black and white reinforcing the feeling of urban wastage. I find Lucy enthusiastic and helpful and she talked me through the sizing options and the different finishes available. When I have met Lucy at fairs she has always been happy, cheerful and a pleasure to talk to.' Simon Bainbridge

>> 'I bought 2 prints from you when you were at Aotea Markets - Muriwai 'Visionary' and urban 'Gangsta' for myself and my partner and have bought 2 others both beach scenes for my sister and her partner. I love the Muriwai ones as I have spent a lot of time at Muriwai beach in my youth etc to me flax, toi toi and the beach are home and I love the green sepia tones. Arn is a big hip-hop rap fan so loved the urban collage immensely! I adore the attention to detail you place on each picture, the way you layer the pictures gives a 3 dimensional effect. Basically I love your artistic eye! it has encouraged me to get back into my own photography. I am attracted to Lucy's passion for art and always feel welcomed into the atmosphere that is her home or at her stand. Lucy's patience when letting me choose was appreciated although I guess she knew I would need time to select from such a large range of beautiful work!' Emma Ryburn

>>  'First off we purchased 3 beachscape scenes which we gave as gifts to family outside of NZ that travelled to our wedding. We also had Lucy do our wedding photos and purchased one small canvas print from these. Our last purchase was a large collage of photos representing Auckland with some of our wedding photos interspersed.  We love Lucy's attention to detail and the way she has of capturing a certain angle or a certain slant of light. The Auckland collage is just lovely and we love the richness of colour and the many quirky angles Lucy uses to show a fresh and original perspective. Lucy was unobtrusive at our wedding and we were delighted with the variety of shots at times we had no idea she was photographing us. Our wedding photos were superb, such amazing creative shots. Lucy captured a wide spectrum of styles which make our photos unique and an invaluable record of our wedding day. Lucy is professional to the extreme and has a wonderfully creative eye. We feel confident that when we are looking for something specific for someone, that we can explain the concept and she delivers something that exceeds our expectations.' Sue and John Wilkinson

>> 'I bought about 8 photographic artworks for my client's home (all different sizes and subjects). I love the subject matter you have chosen to work within. e.g. landscapes and seascapes in black and white and colour and I also love the way Lucy has a range of presentation styles from canvases to framed material. I really appreciate the way Lucy is flexible with the client's needs and we are able to choose what suits and it get adapted to the right size and frame etc. Lucy was very efficient with her program and delivery details and gave me plenty time to work through the options which I really appreciated.' Angela Jane Melville, AJM Interior Design

>> 'I got Lucy to photograph a particular angle / view of 'Kohi Beach' - Summer in the sun on beach bathing and sailing (1.35m x 0.72m canvas triptych) for my bathroom. I asked her to do this for me so that we could lie in the bath and think we were on Kohi Beach ! It brings the beach to the bath !' Tinsley Jones

>> 'I bought 'What are you looking at' (Deer Park Heights, Queenstown) 1.8m x 0.4m as a present for me and my office ! I bought Lucy's photographic artwork as it is a stunning photograph of the subject, the colours and the moment, location and memories of home town. But also because it's an original piece of art and the image is unique. Lucy was extremely helpful she even measured up the office wall to make sure it would fit!' Allan Kininmont

>> 'I purchased 2 white box framed landscape photos for my apartment. I was attracted to Lucy’s work mostly because it was Auckland landscape that I recognised. The two photos that I selected were of Auckland scenery which is exactly what I was looking for. I also liked the look of the white boxed frame and the combination of frame and photo suited my apartment. Lucy was very helpful. She took the time to show me a variety of work and options so I could make an informed decision. And I certainly have recommended Lucy’s work to other people.' Brett Beattie

>> 'I have 3 myself for my home and purchased several for gifts. All of the prints I have purchased for myself are quite close up and of plants rather than landscapes. I chose them for their colours and their simple subject matter and I always find Lucy helpful and friendly. I like that it is a real family enterprise also - I am always recommending your work.' Jackie Jones

>> 'We love your work. We bought 'Kohi in Summer' as a present for us and our house. We bought it as it is a photo of the beach that we love and call home and our two daughters love Kohi beach and have their birthday parties there so it has special memories. Also Lucy has an amazing eye for colour - the water looks like tropical paradise. Lucy is very helpful and enthusiastic and the framed print made a great Christmas present for our family ' Bevan Gibbs

>> 'We have purchased a few of Lucy's photos over the years - two sets of the Maori number series - one for us and one for a gift. My sister just loved them as we do. We also have the trees in the domain photo 'Domain Dreaming' over our bed 500x800ish which is great. Another couple of wedding presents which have been very well received. The toi toi in the wind, another west coast beach scene with flax, and another couple of prints on plywood. I think that is it. My favourite being the Maori number series so far. I love the style of photography and the depth of colours that is achieved even in the black and white series. They especially look great in the white frames that you do. We like to give wedding presents to people that they can treasure and that we are sure they will like. Everyone loves the prints as they are something a bit different, being abstract enough to go anywhere and fit with any decor. Some of our gifts have been of areas that are of interest to the people we have given them to and Lucy is always very helpful and approachable. We have mentioned you to a number of people, so I think your name is spreading.' Joanne Humphrey

>> 'I got 2 graffiti photo blocks for a birthday present for my fiancé, he loves them and wants to purchase another one! I loved the colours and the size of them - we have a loft apartment with big blank walls and they add a really nice splash of colour! My fiancé also loves graffiti and I knew that he’d love the graffiti blocks… which he does! I also really like the way that they are framed, I think it gives them a nice clean finish. We both love them!  Lucy was fantastic to deal with, she dropped the blocks off for me at my work, on a Saturday!' Stacey Sinton

>>  'Faces of Auckland' 0.8m x 0.8m Auckland photo collage and a huge graffiti collage 1.2m x 0.8m for my home - I love the combination of colour, location and subject matter caught my attention and found Lucy very helpful.' Mark Cassidy

>> 'Faces of Auckland' photo collage I bought for my wife - we love the superb colours, angles, and unique shots portraying Auckland in a fresh light, and how ’engaging’ the work is. My daughter loves the ‘cartoon tagging’ – it really appeals to all. What is also great is that you can appreciate something new every time you look at it – the subtleties in the images. It’s not just photography – it’s art. Very clever! Great overall composition. Fine service with a smile and superb enthusiasm, I recommend Lucy's work all the time - everyone who comes over to my house loves the photo collage and asks where they can buy one !' Jeremy Opie



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